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Some online ideas to share with you

Our educators are collaborating in gathering ideas for you at home and finding ways that we can connect to maintain and strengthen our relationships. We are beginning by giving you some links to interactive sites you can visit with the children.

Firstly some of you may already beware, but Playschool is going to do an episode on Thursday to help explain the pandemic of COVID-19 to young children. This will be streamed from their ABC for kids Facebook page . They have said:


To help explain what's happening at the moment, we present this special episode that will launch on Facebook. Watch Play School: Hello Friends! with your little ones here at 4pm Thursday AEDST.

Some more interactive ideas are;

1. Watch live feeding times and tours of zoos and wildlife parks.

- - these streams are on at 2pm daily.

* Zoo's - - Melbourne Zoo

- -The San Diego Zoo has live web cam for animals this one is great as it has the Orca whales.

These are just a few links we think will be of value to the children and their families. We hope you enjoy and there will be more ideas and interactions to come.


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