Fees and other money matters


Fees must be paid weekly ON YOUR CHILD’S FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK or by the term in advance.

  • Public Holidays and School Holidays are NOT paid for. 

  • BUT, any days absent through illness or holidays during the School Term will have to be paid for as normal day’s attendance.


This takes the form of a 2 WEEK BOND (a total of 2 weeks of your weekly fees) payable on enrolment.

Please pay fees directly to our Clerical Assistant during OFFICE HOURS i.e. 8.15am to 12.45pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (MORNINGS ONLY).


If your child attends on a Monday and the office is unattended – please see a staff member to receipt your fees.
Alternatively you can pay by CHEQUE via the locked CHEQUE ONLY BOX at the office window. Please place your cheque in the envelope provide, complete your details and “post”. A receipt will follow via your parent pocket. Please do not place cash in this box.

If a cheque is dishonoured you must meet this fee. In addition - EFTPOS (Cheque or Savings only, no credit) & Direct Deposit (internet) is also available.



Fee Relief is available in the form of State Government Fee Assistance for families possessing a LOW INCOME HEALTH CARE CARD FROM CENTRELINK (in FAMILY name) and /or receives a Centrelink Pension. Fee Relief must be formally applied. 


You need to complete and application form and provide a COPY OF YOUR LOW INCOME HEALTH CARE or PENSION CARD and the expiry date.  

This information is updated when your card expires or when the level of income changes.
Please note that our State Government Fee Relief Funds are Limited. We only receive a set amount for the year. Our ability to meet all family’s needs is totally dependent on the type (parent income levels) and number of applications. 

Families will be notified if their fee relief application has been successful ONE WEEK after it has been received.
Full Fees will be charged if fee relief application is unsuccessful.



Our income to meet our operational costs is made up of the income received through the children’s fees, the quarterly operational funding received from the State Government and from Fund-raising activities. 
It is important that you see the DIRECTOR if you are having financial difficulties. 

PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR FEES BECOME A CAUSE FOR CONCERN FOR YOU OR US. Please be aware the Management Committee is responsible for the financial management of the Pre-School. By keeping your fees up-to-date, you make their role easier. REMEMBER, THEY ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS.

Late payment of fees will not be tolerated and if continued will result in loss of your child’s place. A 20 % LATE FEE on overdue accounts will be incurred (see Fees Policy for more details). Your Fees are a WEEKLY COMMITMENT, which must be met WEEKLY or in advance.
At the end of each term your account must be PAID IN FULL to secure your child’s place for the coming term.


This is an annual fee of $40.00 payable on enrolment to assist in the rising costs of insurance. This fee is not refundable.



All families with children attending our Pre-School need to join the ‘Long Jetty Pre-School Association’ as we are an Incorporated body.
This is a fee of $2.00 per family. It is also not refundable.



If you are leaving us (e.g. moving) you need to provide two (2) weeks notice to the Director, or two (2) weeks fees (BOND) will be payable if the required notice is not given. If you wish to reduce your child’s enrolled days, the same amount of notice must be given.

We acknowledge the Traditional custodians and cultural knowledge  holders of this land, the Darkinjung People – both past and present.
We recognise that we are part of the world community as well as our local community.

And is our role to support children to become environmentally responsible and contribute to a sustainable future.
We strongly believe in the principles of Respect and Responsibility as representing the foundation of our early childhood practices.

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