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We truly value the input parents/carers provide. At Long Jetty Pre-School we hope to provide a variety of ways for you to become involved if that’s what you would like. We also respect that for some families, Pre-school provides a chance for you to have some “time out”.

For those who would like to be involved in most aspects of the Pre-School – our Committee sounds like the place for you! Educators and Committee can provide you with further information if you are interested.


Otherwise we have many days throughout the year when you can stay and enjoy the planned experiences such as visiting shows, Dad’s Breakfast, Swag Full of Instruments, Easter and Christmas Sing-a-Longs etc. We also have workings bees, garden rosters, book mending, morning teas and HEAPS of fundraising events in which we need your help and ideas!

Parents/carers you are also most welcome to come in and be part of our daily program by sharing a particular skill (e.g. Cooking, reading with the children, gardening, craft, storytelling, work related, bathing your new baby etc.) or maybe even share your culture with us in some way (e.g. help us learn some words in your home language,  cooking with us your favourite dish, teaching us a song or dance, showing special items relating to your culture etc.)

Each playroom has a FAMILY INPUT BOOK for families to write in about your family’s experiences/outings/birthdays/happenings or what your child is currently interested in etc. This provides links between home and preschool which will form part of our learning curriculum – making the experiences and learning very relevant to the child/family

We also see feedback through FAMILY SURVEYS and FEEDBACK FORMS. We value your input as we plan the children’s learning and reflect on all aspects of our service.

We acknowledge families are the most important people in their child’s life. We strive to make parents/carers feel welcome and encourage them to become involved at the centre in whatever way they feel comfortable. It is important that Families feel secure in knowing that their child is cared for in a nurturing and safe environment.

We act as Advocates for the needs of young Children and their Families and for the importance and value of Early Childhood Education.

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