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Communication between our families and Pre-School is very important and valued.  We keep in touch in many ways.   These including: regular newsletters, signs/notices, our daily learning curriculum displayed in the playrooms, digital photographs, slide shows and PowerPoint displays. We also strive to greet every family on arrival and departure.

If you need to speak to an Educator at length, we are happy to arrange a suitable time so we can manage this.  We hold parent conferences throughout the year when you will be able to sit and talk about your child’s developing skills with an Educator.

We welcome your comments, concerns and input in any area of our service delivery and we hope you will feel comfortable communicating with us.

Remember it is your responsibility to keep your child’s ENROLMENT FORM UP TO DATE AT ALL TIMES.



First of all, remember to Label EVERYTHING with your child’s name…..

Your child will need to bring the following things each day:-

  • A complete change/s of clothes according to the season (including socks and undies)

  • A sun hat (even during winter) – sunscreen is available at the sign-in bench. Please apply on arrival. No cords on hats please.

  • A healthy Morning Tea, Lunch and a Drink – water bottle (see earlier in booklet)

  • Bedding – preferably fitted cot sized sheets; a small quilt/blanket during winter. A SMALL pillow if your child likes one. Pop them all in a labeled pillow case (everything labeled).

  • Nappies – if your child is in nappies

  • Bottle/Dummy - if required (Pease place dummy in a sterile container)

TOYS FROM HOME really need to stay at home – It only causes heartache when they get lost or broken. However, a soft/cuddly security toy is fine.  

Children should not wear thongs as they are unsafe for climbing running etc.  Send your child in practical clothes (so they can participate without fear of spoiling their good clothes) and in clothes which they can handle easily and achieve independence with toileting (overalls are fairly tricky).



Making the big step from Pre-School to starting School is one of the most important times in your child’s life.

We are here to help in any way with this exciting time and will provide you with lots of support so this is a happy time for you and your child.

For those children who are approaching school age, we place a strong emphasis on programs and experiences which will extend their abilities and confidence to develop the skills necessary for their transition to school. We have excellent relationships with the local schools and work together in creating a positive transition and smooth start to school.


We will also make ourselves available to talk to you individually regarding your child and their readiness for school.

We have reading material on this topic as well.



Please check the lost property basket in your child’s room daily. It’s amazing how quickly it piles up!



Going to Pre-School is usually the first big step a young child takes to join a group outside his/her family.

Up to this time their world has been their home with familiar rooms, furniture and playthings with their parent/carer usually available at all times.

Pre-School is a new experience.  As much as your child is looking forward to Pre-School, it is an unfamiliar experience.  SOME CHILDREN TAKE LONGER TO SETTLE THAN OTHERS.

Some children experience a “bumpy time” with a few tears – be patient, this will pass. This can even occur on their first or second day, even a few weeks down the track.

It depends on many factors.  Your child will gradually settle and develop confidence in the Educators and other children and begin to enjoy the experience.  Our approach is very gentle and kind. The Educators provide lots of cuddles and reassurance to make this transition easier (they have many years of experience in helping children to settle).  The less fuss you make the better it usually is.  


Always remember to say goodbye – even if it brings on the tears.  Approach farewell time with a positive attitude and reassure your child that you will be back to collect them in the afternoon.  Never try to leave without saying “goodbye” as this will undermine your child’s sense of trust.

Try your best not to drag goodbyes out too long – one more kiss, one more cuddle is very stressful for both of you.

Give us a call when you get home or to work – this will help set your mind at ease. 

Your child will soon settle and become familiar with this routine – discovering how much fun they can have after all!


Birthdays are very important in a child’s life, and we like to make them as enjoyable as possible.

Please send along a simple cake (cup cakes are also great) for your child’s birthday so they can celebrate with their friends (approx. 20 in each room). 


Parents/carers whose children have allergies are asked to provide a supply of “safe treats” from home suitable for their child to have at these times.  


Please provide The Educators with a list of ingredients and remember our NO NUTS POLICY please.



We love to hear your feedback about our service, policies and procedures. With your input we can continue to evaluate and reflect on all aspects of our service and strive to make our pre-school one of high quality with an excellent reputation in the local community.

If you have a complaint, we have a thorough complaints policy outlined in our Policy and Procedure Manual (foyer). Part of this process can require you to complete a “Complaints Form”. This way the Educators and/or the Management Committee can respond and take action. Please see an educator for a copy of this form.  Information regarding making a complaint is also displayed in the foyer area.




Firstly rub the stain with a cake of laundry soap. Then soak in cold water
before washing. (Often stain removers may actually set the stain making it difficult to remove).



If you have any concerns about your child’s speech, hearing and sight please have a chat to an educator ASAP. We can be a guide to determine whether your child is developing like most of his/her peers in these areas or whether their development may require further checking by a Doctor, Audiologist or Speech Therapist. If your child is experiencing any difficulties, it is important to investigate these concerns. Waiting lists are LONG through the Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service – so best to pop their name down now.  Our educators can help with contact numbers.

Speech Pathologist Jacqui Collins visits our service for 3 hours a fortnight (Friday morning). The parent/carer pays a nominal fee (supplemented by Long Jetty Pre-School) to provide speech assessments and therapy to enrolled children. There is a waiting list and the children with the highest level of need are the highest priority. Due to the 3-hour time limit, there is a limited number of children that Jacqui can be seeing in this time frame. The 20 minute therapy sessions and 45-minute assessments are provided at a reduced fee payable by the child's parent. see staff for further details.

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