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Health and Safety


  • Educators are alert to the health and safety of each child attending the Pre-School.

  • Infections can spread very rapidly in group situations so our health policy is very important to maintain everyone’s well-being.


Therefore, children with infectious diseases/symptoms will be excluded from Pre-School (following the guidelines set down by the Department of Health).  For further and more detailed information, see the Pre-School’s “Infectious Diseases Policy and Procedure” located in the Policy Folder on the foyer bookshelf. 

Some important points from this policy include:

  • Children must stay at home for at least the first 24 hours when placed on an antibiotic

  • When a child has been ill with vomiting/diarrhoea – they need to be free of symptoms (diarrhoea and vomiting) for at least 24 HOURS before returning to Pre-School.

  • Children with heavy colds (“green” nose, persistent cough/sneezing) need to remain at home until well and symptoms have cleared.

  • Children presenting with a rash, will be referred to a Doctor for diagnosis. 

  • Exclusion/Return is at the Director’s discretion and in line with this policy.  A Doctor’s certificate may be required indicating your child’s readiness to return.

  • Parents will be notified of any common infectious diseases.

  • Occasionally a child will generally feel unwell but will not be contagious as such e.g. asthma, headache, toothache, ear ache.   When a child feels this way, they need to be in their home environment.  A day at Pre-School is busy and active.

  • Children who experience ASTHMA (to any degree) need to have a completed ASTHMA FORM and ACTION PLAN  (signed by a medical practitioner and in date- no older than 12 months) on file and kept up to date.

  • Children who have an ALLERGY need to have a completed ALLERGY ACTION PLAN (signed by a medical practitioner and in date - no older than 12 months) on file outlining symptoms, guidelines and treatment.

  • Children who have a SEVERE ALLERGY (ANAPHYLAXIS) – cannot attend unless their ACTION PLAN and EPIPEN are on the premises.

  • Please keep in mind that for a child to attend Pre-School they must be well.



Occasionally children become ill while at Pre-School. The Educators are very experienced in children’s health and keep an eye out for signs that indicate that a child is unwell. Staff will check a child’s temperature if required. When a child appears unwell, staff will begin a written illness report (you will receive a copy). An Educator will call the parents/carer to collect the child. If the parent/carer is not available, staff will call the first emergency contact (Authorised Nominee). An Educator will stay with your child until you have arrived and continue to monitor their health.

If a child temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius or above – they will need to go home.



  • No alcohol is to be consumed or tobacco smoked on Pre-School premises at any time (National Regulations).

  • The equipment and outdoor/indoor area are checked regularly for hazards.

  • Please ensure the FRONT GATE is kept shut and do not allow your child to swing on the gate (this damages the self-closing safety device).

  • All permanent Staff members on duty have a current FIRST AID CERTIFICATE and ANAPHYLAXIS /ASTHMA FIRST AID CERTIFICATE.  

  • Please remove all cords on your child’s hats and clothing – they are a real choking hazard.

  • Please do not send plastic bags to Pre-School – once empty they are a safety hazard.

  • You will be provided with a written accident report if your child injures himself/herself whilst at Pre-School or an illness report if they become ill. We need you to sign the accident/illness form to confirm an Educator has communicated with you about your child’s accident.

  • The FRONT DOOR MUST REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES. It will be locked from 9.30 am to 2.30pm - please ring doorbell during these times.

  • The internal playroom doors and the sliding doors to the playground need to remain closed.

  • Please ensure your child has an adult with them as they leave the building of an afternoon – do not allow them to run out the door ahead of you. Remember the gate leads onto a busy car park and road.

  • Please NEVER leave children in the car unattended



  • There is an emergency plan in case of more serious accidents (see Policy and enrolment form).

  • If your child injures him/herself or becomes ill and requires emergency MEDICAL CARE(you have signed a permission note on the enrolment form) an Educator with first aid qualifications will attend to your child whilst 000 is phoned and emergency medical care is organised. Once this is done an educator will immediately phone you (or your emergency contacts if you are uncontactable) to inform you of the situation.


  • Staff/Children practice the EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN & EVACUATION PROCEDURESonce a term (Monday to Friday) with each group to ensure we are all aware of what to do in such a situation.



If your child has an allergy please thoroughly explain this to staff during your enrolment interview – describing details, signs, symptoms and treatment.

If your child has a severe allergy (anaphylaxis) you will need a medical practitioner to complete an ANAPHYLAXIS ALLERGY ACTION PLAN (which is to dated and no older than 12 months) to be kept on file.

For children with Anaphylaxis this ACTION PLAN must be accompanied with an adrenaline auto-injector device – an Epipen (prescribed for the child) or the child will not be able to attend pre-school.



Staff are only able to administer PRESCRIBED medication.

Always hand the medication to a staff member. NEVER leave medication in a child’s bag. Educators are unable to administer medication without your authority. Only a Parent/guardian or adult authorised by the parent (Authorised Nominee noted on enrolment form) is able to authorise the administering of medication on the Medication Authorisation Form. You will NEED to fill out a Medication Authorisation Form outlining all details.

One Educator will administer the medication, whilst another Educator will check the person administering the medication. Medication is kept in a LOCKED medication box.

  • If your child is taking antibiotics, please keep them home for the first 24 hours of the course.

  • If your child is requiring Panadol, they are not well enough to attend Pre-School.


Details and proof of immunisation are required from parents as part of the enrolment procedure. 

If a child has not been immunised in accordance with the Department of Health’s Immunisation Program, the child will be excluded from the Pre-School if an epidemic (2 or more cases) occurs. Fees are payable for this time of absence.

Children who have received a dose of any immunisation within 24 hours prior to attending Pre-School may be excluded at the discretion of the Director.

It is strongly suggested that children are NOT immunised on a day they will be attending Pre-School. We advise that children require 1:1 monitoring after being immunised for at least 24 hours.



Our Policy:

  • Children with head lice are excluded from Pre-school until their hair has been treated (with an appropriate solution) and ALL EGGS AND LICE HAVE BEEN TOTALLY REMOVED.

  • An Educator will check a child’s hair throughout the day IF they are showing signs of head lice. If a parent/carer has a problem with this they need to see the Director immediately after enrolment.

  • When children return to Pre-School after being away with head lice, an Educator will check their hair with their parent/carer present to ensure all lice/eggs have been removed. This is implemented in a very kind and respectful manner. It is the parents responsibility to ensure eggs/lice have been removed so their child can return to pre-school

  • We ask that children with long hair keep it tied back in plaits. This dramatically reduces the risk of head lice.

This policy on head lice is firm in the best interests of everyone. This is a sensitive subject and a very persistent problem (up and down the East coast of Australia). We believe with understanding and co-operation between families and the Pre-School we can keep the effects of head lice to a minimum – this keeps everyone happy.

Remember our Educators and our policy is part of the solution, not the problem. We will provide support and information to families to help solve this problem. We have information available; just see one of our Educators.

Please check your child’s hair each day. This way, if there is a problem, it will only be in the earlier stages.



Nutrition is essential for good health and growth in young children. 

We aim to provide an environment where good eating habits are established and mealtimes’ are happy occasions.

You will need to pack your child a nutritious and balanced lunch each day including a drink. Their lunch boxes are placed in the playroom fridge on arrival for the day. An extra piece of fruit and/or cheese/biscuits and/or yogurt/custard is needed for morning tea.

Treat food is not to be included (e.g. cake, sweet biscuits, poppers/juice, muesli bars, soft drink, lollies, chips, food containing chocolate, fruit wraps…….).

Examples of appropriate food include:

  • sandwich (healthy filling)

  • water/milk only (no juice due to the high sugar content)

  • fruit/vegetables (raw, dried or fresh)

  • yoghurt, custard, cheese, dry biscuits (savoury – low salt)

Drinking water will be available at all times. We ask that your child brings a WATER BOTTLE every day clearly labelled with their name which they will access during indoor/outdoor play.


We seek the advice of the CC Area Health Service Nutrition Department in setting and reviewing our policy. The Munch and Move program and resources (NSW Health) are used to support this focus.



Always leave your child with an Educator before leaving your child at Pre-School in the morning.

Children must be signed in and out of the Centre each day. Also write in the “to be collected by” column the adult who will be collecting your child in the afternoon.

We will only allow your child to leave with those adults you have indicated on your enrolment form as having authority to collect.   Please let us know if this changes as Educators will adhere strictly to this. Take a moment to chat with the educators on arrival/department so we can talk about your child’s day.

Remember, Pre-School opens at 8.15 am and closes at 3.45 pm.  All children must be collected no later than 3.45pm. SO PLEASE ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 3.30pm to collect your child so you have time to communicate with the Educators. If you do not arrive by this time, and you have not contacted us, your emergency contact person (Authorised Nominee) will be phoned to come and collect your child.

You need to phone Pre-School if you are running late OR if the person you listed to collect your child has changed to someone else.

Please let the Educators know at enrolment of any persons who are prohibited by law of having contact with your child – we will need a copy of this order on file. The Educators are very aware of such situations and will always be confidential and respectful in such circumstances. 



Firstly please be mindful of the safety of young children in the parking and driveway areas at all times. Always hold your child’s hand as it becomes very busy on arrival and departure times!

We have 4 X 15-minute only drop-off parking spots parallel to the building in the driveway area. Please park on the road or oval car parks if you need to stay longer when bringing/collecting your child.

The drive-through driveway area is a NO STANDING AT ANY TIME ZONE.

We enjoy good relationships with our neighbours so please always show them courtesy by keeping their driveway and access free at all times. 
It is not the staff’s role to “police” parking matters – so please be kind and considerate towards others. 

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