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Paper Planes with Anne

THE MAGIC OF A PIECE OF PAPER…Let’s Play (and learn) will be Fun!!

I love the magic of turning a piece of paper into something else.  One sheet of paper can be turned into many things.  Some simple ideas include - a plane, a pirate hat or a boat…which is great for floating in these rainy day puddles.

Folding paper is not only fun, but it helps to develop strength in little fingers, hand eye co-ordination, sequencing skills, memory, patience and attention skills.  All of this combined stimulates brain development - especially when both hands are being used at the same time.

All this learning through play!!

To make the best and easiest PAPER PLANE:

1.  Fold a rectangle piece of paper in half lengthways

2.  Fold up one corner to meet the folded edge….do this 3 times

3.  Turn the paper over and repeat!

(Sometimes, at Preschool we staple under the plane to help it all stay together when flying - this is totally optional!)

Everyone is at differing stages of ability - some of our friends enjoy having more adult input than others. Some children just want to help press down on the folds of paper,  while others like to try independently copying while an adult shows them how.  Interest and practice leads to success!  Have fun!!

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