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'Koko Samoa'

Today we have Jess singing one of our new songs 'Koko Samoa'. Throughout term 1, one of our beautiful families began sharing their rich Samoan culture with us. During this time we began to learn so much and develop a deeper appreciation for the culture. One of our favourite times was learning about the 'Koko' bean, how to make the drink 'Koko Samoa' (which is like a hot chocolate) and singing the new song 'Koko Samoa'. Each of us loved the challenge of singing this in Samoan and we sang it everyday trying to get the words right. We think Jess has just nailed it, and here she is today so you can all practise it at home and become experts just like her. Great work Jess!!!!

When it is eventually time to come back to Preschool we invite you to come and look at our Samoan display and project in the Seashell Room.

We acknowledge the Traditional custodians and cultural knowledge  holders of this land, the Darkinjung People – both past and present.
We recognise that we are part of the world community as well as our local community.

And is our role to support children to become environmentally responsible and contribute to a sustainable future.
We strongly believe in the principles of Respect and Responsibility as representing the foundation of our early childhood practices.

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