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Transient Art With Raychel

Have you ever heard of Transient Art? Long Jetty Preschool incorporates this into their curriculum, it is not something new and is based on loose parts play. Transient art is known as moveable art, it is a collection of materials that children use to create a picture. The materials that are used are open-ended resources and there is no permanent end product. This is a great way to grab some fresh air, exercise and to start noticing our natural materials, this can be done inside the home as well . It is such a great way to engage with your child as well as being able to find your own natural and processed resources. The learning that takes place is endless, it enables children to manipulate, explore, sort, experiment with patterns, shapes and design and redesign without pressure or expectations – this is great for children’s confidence and exploring their creativity and imagination.

Some fantastic local spots for gathering your natural materials is North Entrance Sensory Garden, such a beautiful area to find leaves, sticks, gum-nuts and loads more, it’s amazing what you can find. It’s important that we just pick our findings off the ground and allow the beautiful gardens to keep growing. 🤗 🌳 🌷 Another great local spot is The Coast Walking Track which runs through Bateau Bay beaches and Foresters Beach. Happy exploring and don’t forget to just have fun! 💚😊