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Reading “Winnie the Pooh” with Donna

At Long Jetty Pre-School, we have been enjoying reading chapter books during our relaxation times. So far in the Seashell Room we have read the books “The Adventures of The Wishing Chair” and “The Wishing Chair again”. The children and educators become so engrossed in these stories and we find our interest spills into other learning areas like literacy and art. We believe relaxation is an important life skill. In a busy world, finding moments for relaxation supports mental and physical wellbeing. However, what we do to relax and when we do this varies enormously. Children need the opportunity to relax too, especially in the busy social world of Long Jetty Pre-School. It is important that they are offered opportunities to discover what relaxes them and have opportunities to experience relaxation during their Pre-School day.

Here are some ideas for home:

  • Discuss with your child/ren ways they like to relax and ensure those opportunities are available.

  • Provide for your child/ren’s sensory focused relaxation preferences – set up cosy spaces indoors and outdoors – provide access to blankets, hammocks, and cushions.

  • Provide language focussed on the physical indicators of relaxation. For example, “when I take a deep, slow breath I can feel my heart slow down and my body feels calm.”

  • Provide language focussed on the physical cues of stress, such as “when I feel stressed, my muscles feel really tight.”

So while we are learning from home Donna thought she would start reading a new chapter book called “Winnie the Pooh”. Get cosy, practice your breathing and enjoy listening to Donna reading the chapters of the book.

Don’t forget to send us a message by either text or email on how you are enjoying the story.


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